SYNOPSIS - A Passion Beyond Extremes

As a young child, Ashwini harboured a unique fantasy: To someday build a wondrous 

castle, identical to the one illustrated in his favourite story. 


He grows up to become a rising star in the construction industry, daring to risk the 

highest stakes in life. Rapidly earning fame and admiration, he simultaneously attracts 

jealousy and resentment. While in pursuit of his ambitious dreams, his childhood love 

gets trampled, as he is brazenly confronted with life’s biggest and the most gruesome 

challenges involving lust, betrayal...and murder. 


Will his grit be strong enough to overcome these nerve-wracking challenges? Or will 

his dreams be shattered forever? ‘A Passion Beyond Extremes’ is a saga of love, 

deception and crime - love being tested in the most profound of ways...